Book Review: Clementine court by Chris Bakos

This book is amazing.

The characters feel like you are reading about people you know. I love the character Jen and this book completely made me reassess my life, from my fist job in warrens bakery ive wanted to run my own and this book has inspired me to get back to looking at bakery courses at my local college in a bid to make it a reality one day!

Georgie is a complex character whose emotions come over brilliantly.

I really dont know how to express this book. I couldnt put it down, I felt a part of the story. I was completely gutted when i finished it! there where twists in the book which i wasnt expecting which made it even better.

Clementine court is the kind of place we would all like to live and bring our children up in. Where neighbours become friends and family. But i really cannot show how wonderful this book is, i highly recommend it.

If you do wish to read it yourself you can purchase it from amazon

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Beautifully written, cleverly done.