kids weekend box review

I was sent a weekend box to review, now Sassy is only 3 and with Midge only being 21 months they are both at the lower end of the suggested age, that said however they loved it.

The box turned up on a day when both girls where out so I could have a look before they got it. I was happy with the activities which where available. We havnt yet tried the Hot chocolate and that will be added once ive bought the chocolate!


The first thing we did was the Aztec parrot

This one was made by Sassy as Midge decided to eat hers..


The girls enjoyed doing this, the eyes where a bit fiddly (remember my girls are on the young side) but that didn’t stop them. It kept them occupied for ages and since making it it has featured in many of their games.. Although midge isn’t content with eating her own but would also like to eat Sassys..

We also made the coasters but i’ve not got any pictures of them, I ended up with little bits of foam stuck all over the house! I cut the foam into little triangles and squares as the girls are too young for using scissors, I then left them to it sticking foam on their paper. This activity kept them quiet the longest as they had to concentrate on pulling the backing paper off before putting it on their paper.

Then we made the prints, neither of the girls could quite get the hang of it though so just ended up painting

DSCF0709 DSCF0711 DSCF0713

The weekend box idea came from a man (Andy, the founder) who was looking for a gift for his nieces & nephews.

‘I wanted to buy something educational (yet fun), something that would engage them and teach them about the world. I couldn’t find anything that fit so I quit my job and started Weekend Box.’

This came about in 2013 and its grown from there since then they’ve provided 45,000 hours of quality time through activity boxes.

They’ve won start up of the year award and have launched a campaign called PledgeOneHour along with the National Trust, designed to provide parents with free activities to do with their children, which was mentioned in Richard Bransons personal blog!

I would recommend it and if Sassy & Midges aunties or uncle wish to buy them something educational and lasting this year they are very welcome to purchase a subscription to these boxes! The girls loved it and it engaged them and created a point of learning because of the themes within the boxes, my girls don’t yet understand the themes but if i where to do it again with my partners children who are 6&8 it would open up discussion about Aztecs and why cocoa was used as currency.

If you would like to try one for free then use : FERN193
Boxes can be redeemed from (new customers only please and just one free box is allowed per household)