We all have hair, in varying amounts, in various places. This post is about head hair!

I have long hair, its about waist height, when I was younger I refused to put it up, my mum trying to scrape it into a pony tail or plait then I started working in a bakery and in restaurants so had to have my hair up out of the way. Then after having the girls I have just resigned myself to throwing it in a pony tail and getting on with it.

The girls hair however I take a lot more time on. Every day they get sat down and faffed around with whilst I try and put their hair up. They are both very good and will sit still for the time it takes. I like to experiment with their hair so its not the same every day.

This is Sassy’s hair. she gets beautiful ringlets sometimes but other times its more like a wave which is what my hair is like.

DSCF0800 DSCF0801 DSCF0799

I love her hair, its really summery/beachy.

So today I put the top bit up in a topsy turvy, then I split it and made 2 more topsy turvys either side making sure I left some hair underneath which I then plaited.


She says the top topsy turvy is a crown so she looks like a princess.

Midges hair is different  (excuse the tangles it is like a birds nest in the morning!) Its quite straight compared to Sassys


Because her hair is still very fine it can be difficult to do much in her hair, so I kept it quite simple today

I got the top of her hair up out of the way, then separated the bottom into 2 little pony tails, then I let down a bit of the top hair, and bought the bottom pony tail up diagonally then made 2 more pony tails, then bought them up together with the rest of her hair to make one single pony tail at the top.

DSCF0807 DSCF0808 DSCF0810

These are both pretty simple hairstyles which I resort to when I’m running out of time. I love to do their hair, and I love the comments we get walking down the street! And its functional as they haven’t got hair in their eyes/mouth/snot plastering it to their faces, and it helps fighting the never ending war against nits! I hate nits with a passion, I also every evening take the girls hair out and use a fine tooth comb to go through their hair. Just in case!!

When putting their hair up i use loom bands! We have loads here from the summer craze of last year, And now they are even cheaper than they where then so I can get hundreds for a couple of pounds! They are grippy enough on shiny soft baby hair but not so grippy that they pull too much (there is a bit of pulling but neither of my girls mention it)

Do you have any tips/advice for doing littlies hair?