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Mighty fine honeycomb (review)


I love honeycomb, when I was a child it was always my sweet of choice when we went anywhere which sold it. It’s so yummy! And when it’s dipped in chocolate its even better. However mighty fine honeycomb have taken it a step further! Flavoured chocolate honeycomb.


Salted caramel seems to be a really big thing at the moment. After eating this bar I completely know why! This is an absolute perfect honeycomb bar, the saltiness cuts through the sweetness. The chocolate is lovely and thick and it really leaves you wanting more!

I also got to try the dark chocolate one, I don’t have a picture of that because my self control got the better of me, dark chocolate is my real treat so when I saw the combination it was gone pretty much straight away (after breaking off a bit for FiL who spotted it upon opening the pack! It was so good, the dark chocolate lends its slight bitterness to the sweet honeycomb perfectly. Again the chocolate is a good depth meaning you do really get a taste of the chocolate not just a wimpy afternote.

The honeycomb is dense and really gives you the experience of a high quality honeycomb, its not at all chemically which some are. It’s very sweet and any more than one bar at a time may not be a good idea! Although you’ll want more after one its probably best not too! 

The bars are £1.79 they also do gift boxes for £7.50 and bags for £3.50.
The flavours are
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Peanut butter chocolate
Salted caramel
Or just straight up honeycomb

They give a donation to the friends of the honeybee for every pack sold, and we all know how important honey bees are!

You can (and really really should) buy them from their website

I received two bars to review free of charge in return for an honest review, all thoughts are my own and not influenced in any way.