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10 gross things I do since becoming mum

1. Wet wipe washes, when you’ve 3 under 5, or at weekends 5 under 10 then time is short. Wetwipes are saviours if your a bit wiffy but have a 3 month old in a wrap and a 2 year old hanging off your leg whilst the 4 year old shouts for help to wipe her bum…

2. Growing my little fingernails long to pick bogeys. Little noses get so bunged up sometimes only a quick swipe of the nail will do..

3. Eat food that’s been in someone else’s hand, kids hands are gross! Yet if they come over with food in their grubby sticky hands I’ll accept it.

4. Fill my handbag/pockets with sticky snotty dirty wetwipes/tissues, well rather that than the floor..

5. Sniff the baby’s bum to see if he’s pooed. Well sometimes you’ve just gotta be sure!

6. Sniff test things to work out what they are, has someone weed on the floor or is it juice? Has someone been sat in chocolate or had an accident?

7. Brush talc through my hair and stick it in a ponytail, goes so well with the wetwipes wash…

8. Allow someone else to watch me go to the toilet! People with little children all know you no longer get to use the toilet in peace (sometimes I lick them out just for 5 minutes Alone though)

9. Share a bath which may or may not have been peed in! Ahh lovely relaxing bath and boom the door flies open and in sprints the 2 year old pulling off clothes as she goes and lunges headfirst into the bath… Thanks OH so much for I’ll keep them occupied so you can have a bath…

10. Wear clothes which are customised by my children, “ohh lovely broach” “yes the child has a horrendous cold and I thought the colour just goes” spit, snot and pretty much every other bodily fluid adorns my clothes, used to set off the designs, to stick on added glitter and to embellish my shoulders…

What gross things do you do?

A Cornish Mum

3 thoughts on “10 gross things I do since becoming mum

  1. My boys are older now so u have no excuse for these 😉 I do think your tolerance of gross grows as soon as you have children out of necessity!

    Thanks for linking up to #TenThings

    Stevie x

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