Doddle Bags * review*


I was very hppy when I was asked to review doddle bags, and im even happier now that Little L is about to begin his weaning journey ( I know hes only just 4 months but boy is he ready!)  These bags have so so many uses! there are currently two different attachemnts you can buy for it, a spoon or a paint brush! Or dont use an attachment and its just like a squeezy pouch.

you can use them for smoothies, yogurt, sauces, first weaning foods, toiletries, paint the uses really are endless.

What are DoddleBags?

Refillable, recyclable, dishwashable, freezable pouches with a spout. They are free from phthalates, PVC and BPA. Great for travellers and campers, babies and adults, artists and adventurers.

Each pack contains 10 calibrated pouches, 10 anti-choke caps in 10 different colours and 10 matching coding stickers.

Fill them with purees, smoothies, yoghurts, drinks in the kitchen, toiletries when you travel, (at 100ml, they are ideal for hand luggage), paint, glue, glitter, sand for your art projects. The list is endless. Click here for some inspiration….


For painting they are great, because rather than massive blobs of paint being splodged onto the papaer it is a small amount squeezed out so less paint is wasted and theres less mess. it makes it so much safer to give to a clumsy 2 year old ( yes midge i mean you) my favourite use for it by far was for yogurt, the ogurt is put in and closed up, you can put in an exact amount of yogurt, and as it squeezes straight onto the spoon it saves mess being made all over the foor (or table, hands or even head) and when tgeyve finished you dont nee dto put a sticky spoon back in your bag as you can put the end spoon inside the emoty pouch. And if the pouch isnt finished you can just close the lid and its ready for later!


They really are so versatile I bet you could think of plenty of other uses for them!


where can you find them?

Their website






I was sent two doddle bags and their attachments for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own and honest.