The baby aim hamper (review)


A couple of weeks ago I received this stunning hamper through the door! (I did know it was coming but it was still a lovely surprise!) It’s from the baby aim, taken from the website:


Providing outstanding, professional and reliable care and support for you and your family.



To facilitate a happy and 
healthy family life for parents 
and their infants.

Candice provides help to families during pregnancy and after birth, we all know that time can be overwhelming, so much information is flung at you its hard to decipher what is relevant, well that’s where she helps you. So worth looking into if your finding things a bit difficult to wrap your head around! But that’s not the reason for my post..

These gorgeous hampers where originally part of her services however she now provides them separately too! They are available as pregnancy, baby and toddler ones and they are all individual. There’s a selection of goodies for mummy & baby. They would make great gifts to an expectant mummy, or one who’s just had a baby. Here’s what was in mine & little L’s


Pampers nappies & wipes, always an essential when you’ve got a baby!


Annabel karmel breadsticks- cheesy bread sticks are a good snacking choice when weaning.

Annabel karmel biscuits- milk & cereals so healthier than ‘normal’ biscuits, little L loves them.

Tommee tippee first cup- this will be handy as we start weaning to try get him drinking water with his food. And from the wonderful tommee tippee.

Vest- lovely soft snuggly vest.

Strawberry & raspberry tea- so yummy & refreshing, it’s lovely cold in the warm weather we’ve had recently too.


Cup & saucer- well what else would you put the tea in, very sweet.

Milk tray- well us busy mummies need a little bit of chocolate to get us through the day.

Garnier cleansing wipes- if you read my post about gross things I do since becoming a mum then these gorgeous smelling wipes where a beautiful addition, and cooling for during pregnancy.

Vaseline rosy lips- brilliant for dry lips and with a little pink tint makes you feel a little bit more put together.

Burt’s bees moisturiser- both of my girls lo e this & so do I, after sassy was born I bought all of their products for her & still buy them occasionally.

All of the items are lovely, good brands and good quality. The items come to approximately the same price as the hamper costs (that’s without the basket, ribbon, cellophane, labels or Candice’s time & travel) so are really worth it!

The hampers are £30 and I do think they are fab value for money and they come looking so pretty!
I’ll deffinately use all of the items in mine.

And well I had to try it out ;)…


And the customer service is fantastic, Candice is such a lovely person and will do as much as she can to make your hamper perfectly tailored to you.

I received the hamper at a reduced price but all opinions are honest.