Lap baby *review*


We all know how difficult it can be when you’ve got a little baby who is now more alert but not yet big enough to sit alone and play with toys. At little L’s age he just wants to be with me, watching what’s going on, watching his sister’s play but it’s quite difficult to do anything when I’m trying to keep a wriggly, easily excitable little L perched on my lap.

I was given the chance to review the brand new lap baby. It was only released 1st may so it’s a brand new product and I’ve personally never known anything like it.


It’s a bit of material which goes around your waist/tummy, it is adjustable and soft. I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be but it is really easy to wear & comfort isn’t an issue! Then the baby sits in front and the front bit of fabric goes around them, Velcro to the side & a clip to make sure they are really safely held in place. Again all the fabric is really soft. There’s also a strap to attach a dummy or toy to and a fold out cloth which covers baby’s lap and is wipeable & removable.


As you’ll know from my blog the girls love reading stories and they love me reading them stories however since little L’s arrival its very much depended on him as to whether we’ve been able to sit down and read, since having the lap baby we’ve been able to read a lot more as I’ve both hands free! I’ve also been able to use the PC more rather than my phone. It was much simpler to use my phone because I could rest little L on me and carry on with one hand, but with lap baby I’m able to sit on the computer chair and use the PC cutting down on the time it takes to do things!
If like me you have to use public transport busses, trains, taxis then you’ll understand the difficulties they can cause when you’ve a little one with you. There’s no seatbelts, carrying a car seat is very awkward, if you’ve other kids with you too then it gets even more difficult if your holding the smallest with no hands to control the others, when the bus is full but you’ve got to fold your pushchair up. The lapbaby helps out massively in these situations, you can secure baby on your lap and you have your hands free to deal with siblings, ring the bell, read a book whatever you need to do! And it all folds down Into a little bag which will fit under your pushchair, in your changing bag or even in your hand bag. The colour is neutral so mummy or daddy can use it for their boys or girls.


I also think they’d be handy for child minders/ nursery settings where they have young children fighting for attention.

I havnt used mine for eating, partly because we’re lazy & eat on the sofa, partly because he will often happily sit in his play centre for long enough for me to eat and mainly because I eat my food really hot, I’ve always got a burnt mouth because I don’t wait for it to cool and I’d worry too much about dropping it on his head.

I did also use it to strap sassy to a chair (I sound like such a mean mum. I was just seeing if it would fit an older child and what other uses (portable highchair anyone?) Sassy is very skinny and she fits in it.

I really think it’s a great invention and use mine a lot.

I was sent the lapbaby to review free of charge, all opinions are my own.