Mental health and murderers 

another day, another horrific headline this time much closer to home. 6 people stabbed in london, a 61 year old lady lost her life, 5 where injured.
The headlines where quick to tell us the man had mental health issues, well I’m not sure if it’s just me but generally I always question the sanity of everyone who has carried out these atrocities. However does it really need to be shouted out in relation to these awful events? There is already a massive stigma around mental health and these headlines can not do any good! 

So many people don’t understand and already consider us crazy or mental or wrong in the head and now people will avoid us thinking we are about to suddenly turn into this evil monster and carry out truely unspeakable acts, I promise I may not be happy, I may feel that everything is wrong but I won’t be murdering or injuring anyone any time soon. 

Yes they may be unstable, they have caused all manner of hurt, but if mental health was this serious it shows again a serious lack of help for people who are struggling. Yes you can’t help people who arnt willing to help themselves (honestly I’ve left it 3 years+ hoping it would go away it’s self before getting help) but why was someone who was obviously so effected not given help? Or are they using the mental health issues as a blanket excuse for every incident? Because it’s not an excuse at all. 
My thoughts are with the family of the lady who passed away and the families of the injured. I hope the young man gets the help he needs now & sees the error in his ways & feels remorse and is truely sorry ( I’m not holding my breath though)