Sosa dance fit & juice+ 

Well recently I was sent a Sosa dance fit DVD to review, the people behind it have realised that although there are lots of fitness videos out there a lot of them are very high impact which is fab if you can do it. Sosa is low impact so brilliant for people who arnt able or arnt recommended to do high impact workouts, like after having a baby or after surgery. 
The moves are simple to follow and are really fun. My children loved joining in which is great because it’s getting them up and moving too! And although my children are very active anyway it’s always good to tire them out a little. When you are doing the dances it really doesn’t feel as if you are doing exercise, as it gets nearer the end of the first times you feel a bit of a burn but it’s so much fun. 

I was able to do it whilst wearing little L in his sling which intensified the workout a little more, and got him off to sleep! 

Whilst reviewing the DVD I was also sent  juice+ capsules, now I was sceptical about them surely they where some gimmick made up to part people with their cash? I mean the claims they make to strengthen hair & nails, help you loose weight, help with sleeping etc seem really far fetched. I did 2 weeks on the tablets. I had less cravings for crap food, I wasn’t picking all the time, I lost weight and my nails where solid!! I can’t vouch for the energy or sleeping claims because I suffer with really low iron levels. Horrific. But I’m deffinately no longer a sceptic. Maybe the pills where a placebo, maybe they really are as good as I believe they are. 

Id deffinately recommend Sosa & juice + even if you did only do a couple of week trial.