Preparing for Christmas

well my Christmas prep began last year as soon as Christmas 2015 was over. Buying up reduced gift sets for my siblings & mum (they will be separated out & put into hampers) and lots of reduced Christmas lights. We love christmas and the chance to go overboard decorating our house, our house is currently covered in cobwebs, spiders, skeletons and other spooky stuff and my clever partner bought a projector so from outside you can see ghosts & other spooky things floating around moving & screaming. 
I started buying the kids gifts in the sainsburys sale, every year I try to take advantage of sales which are on in various places. Everywhere has sales on currently for half term. Last year the Asda toy sale was brilliant and I got really good bargains.

The thing which I get really excited about though is Christmas dinner! I love christmas dinner & I love the chance to show off my cooking skills. Last year because my due date was Christmas day I didn’t want to be messing around on the run up to the day so I ordered a hamper from it totally saved my day! And was completely gorgeous. It contained everything we needed. The turkey was massive and we had loads of leftovers to munch on boxing day (crusty roll, turkey, pigs in blankets & stuffing with cranberry sauce makes the nicest boxing day lunch EVER!!) And this year we will be doing the same! This year we will be going for the turkey breast hamper aswell as lots of extra pigs in blankets because they are so lush! 
Through the last couple of months every time there’s an ‘odd’ in our bank accounts I move it over to a savings account which I’ve been keeping for Christmas. So if there was £26 id move the £6 to savings, £71 id move the £1 across, it all adds up and Its something i plan on keeping up. With 5 kids between us to buy for this time of year gets expensive! 
How do you prep for Christmas? 
Nothing was provided for this post, I just found these places a great help in Christmas prep!