But he’s a BOY!

ive always had people tutting at me because my youngest daughter is a tom boy, she loves mud, she loves digging, dinosaurs, puddles, trains and wearing wellies everywhere. As a baby she was a climber and still loves exploring. And often people would say to her “but your a girl, wouldn’t you rather play with dollies like sassy?” No she wouldn’t, she isn’t sassy she is midge a little girl who isnt overrun with love for pink & fluffy and that’s totally fine!! Now I have a boy I get it all over again.

Little L has pinched one of his sisters dolls, it’s a small doll and perfect size for him, he loves it. He carries it around & cuddles and kisses it. His sisters have never questioned this, there’s always been plenty of cars, dolls, balls, trains, ponies around even before him. Sassy does have moments where she’s picked up stuff from her grandma, she’s the first grandchild & very much a little princess… 

Why shouldn’t my son play with a doll? One day he may be a daddy, o e day his partner may go to work whilst he stays home to look after the kid(s) he may loose his partner and be left with kids to look after. Hes currently obsessed with his daddy, as soon as daddy walks in the room his arms are up for a cuddle so why shouldn’t he imitate his own daddy. 

Why shouldn’t boys have tea parties or teddy bears picnics, why shouldn’t boys push their dolls around in pushchairs, or carry them in a sling? My partner will drink teat with me (and hot milk/hot chocolate for the littlies) he also carries the kids around and pushes little L’s pushchair. My son and my daughter both imitate their dad, my eldest daughter is happy to imitate me and loves everything pink. As long as my kids are happy I don’t care what they play with.
Why when we are telling girls that they can be anything or do anything do people still say “oh but your a boy/girl you shouldn’t be playing with that” boys and girls can be anything they can do anything as long as they are alloud to be who they are without being shoehorned into a stereotype which they don’t feel comfortable in!