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Im Back..

well Ive been absent for a while, Ive been moving house. And we now homeschool so things have been pretty busy. Our new house is a new build so when we moved in we had no flooring, the walls where bare, it was a complete blank canvas. we moved some of our furniture in and got rid of lots, we also bought new furniture as this place is much bigger and Little L now has his own room! we live in a small village now and I love it. Its completely beautiful, we are surrounded by fields and woods, gorgeous walks and loads of wildlife. As for hoeschooling im quite loving it. We have penpals from all over the UK, the girls are enjoying doing work here and Im loving seeing their progress. They will both actively ask for home work when they are board which is pretty awesome! However now that my partners 2 are on their school holidays we will be having them too so here begins 6 weeks of crazyness with between 2-5 kids at a time! I love the chaos of having a house full of kids, its what ive dreamed of since I was young. I will be reviewing some of our summer activities on here as well as doing some housey bits. But I am open to suggestions on what you would like to see on here