Paulo’s circus- Newquay (review)

Weve had an amazing few days this week! weve had OH’s 2 eldest kids staying with us from Tuesday to Friday which was brilliant! The kids have so much fun together and I love having a loud busy house. We knew it was going to be a few days of family outings, giving the kids memories that hopefully theyll treasure forever, the only place we where certain we would be visiting was the circus! I had never been to a circus, neither had the 3 youngest OH took the eldest 2 when they where very young although they do still remember it. I was so excited, possibly more so than the kids as I had viewed the website and read reviews.

we got an early bus into Newquay and went to the aquarium first, all the way round the conversation was peppered with ” when are we going to the circus?” ” is it time to go to the circus yet?” we finished up in the aquarium and went to the amusement arcades and got some lunch, then it was time to wait for our bus to the circus! On the way up the hill we could see the big top and the kids where so excited! I think the driver was relieved to get us off the bus as all 5 kids where babbling animatedly about what they may get to see in the tent (well the 1 year old was attempting to join in)

We qued up and went in, in the entrance was popcorn and candy floss, so I stayed in line for our goodies whilst OH & a couple of the littlies went to find seats. The popcorn was gorgeous and the candyfloss sticks where massive! The aroma was rather enticing and I could have spent so much money on the yummy snacks! As we where entering the tent Mr N and some of the other acts where greeting everyone and having pictures taken with the kids, I thought this was a lovely touch and makes the kids feel more connected with the whole show.
We got to our seats and sat down, the eldest 2 had adults sat in front of them and wernt able to see so they moved seats to the row in front. Once we where all sat and everyone could see we waited for the show to start.

There was an introduction which we enjoyed then the main show began. The acts where completely spell binding, the kids where mesmerized from the start, the only words uttered from their mouths where “wow” and “ohmygod!” for a whole hour! We all giggled like little kids at the jokes and some of them went over the younger ones heads but where appreciated by my partner and myself! The whole show was extremely glamorous the ladies outfits where stunning (as where the ladies wearing them!) and the guys all looked brilliantly polished. The outfits really bought the show together. Mr N was a brilliant act to take us seamlessly from one act to another, filling the gaps with real hearty laughter. Mr N was a brilliant showman, getting the audience  involved at every point, getting us all joining in and playing along with him. All of the acts where so professional and you could see how much hard work had gone into the acts and the hours of practice they must have had.

I do believe that anyone visiting Cornwall over the summer should go see this. It leaves you feeling so happy even after you leave. They did a birthday shout out and we all sang happy birthday, nothing seems to be too much for them, they really seem to value their viewers and are happy to accommodate you.


Onto some pictures- Ive only included a few as I want you to go see it for yourself!

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go to Paulos’ circus website for details and for a money off voucher! Also check them on facebook


I did receive 2 Free tickets in return for this review, however we still paid for the majority of our family and truly did have a wonderful time!