All about us updated

Well, I took a break from the blog as I mentioned before but in the time since a lot has changed.
We moved house, we now live in a village, with beautiful fields all around us, a cute little village shop, farms, woods, and its so so quiet. I am a real village girl Im not a fan of towns and busyness. It quiet and slow and I really feel like its home now. Really looking forward to Christmas and Halloween here.

We have also begun homeschooling Sassy, the local village school is full so with not having our own transport we didnt really have much choice. However we are really enjoying it, Sassys reading is coming along lovely and we have got Midge involved too and shes starting to form letters which is great. Sassy seems to be more motivated with maths than with english but shes happy to do most of it, weve also bought a french workbook as she wants to learn french. I love the fact that with home ed she can learn what she wants to learn meaning she is more motivated to learn it. We do a mixture of online work, paper workbooks, games, and make sure that normal everyday things also include learning. Also since homeschooling weve not had the dreaded nits! always a huge plus!


me- almost 27! loving the chaos of having 3 kids, homeschooling and looking after the house. Trying to reclaim a it more of myself and make an effort to do my make up (so many days I really cannot be bothered!) I am also doing driving lessons again (I failed the first time) and my instructor is looking at me doing my test in october, I am struggling with being confident enough though. On medication for PND, and starting to feel more days are good than bad.

Mr- almost a year since he gave up smoking, so proud of him, also really proud of how well hes settled into village life, because hes always been more of a town boy. Still not quite sure how he manages to put up with me but hey!

Sassy- 5, 6 next month. Crazy about all things girly, shes really struggling with the different parenting styles between our house and her dads. On top of being a difficult age where shes still so young but wants to be able to do things that older kids can do, shes very stubborn and very headstrong. she really is 5 going on 15!

Midge- 4. still dinosaur mad, shes recently begun to sing a lot which is so so cute! She makes up songs on the spot depending on what shes doing and loves telling her little brother that she loves him. She is a very loving girly and not as stubborn as Sassy.

Little L- 18 Months. hes Car mad! anything to do with cars he loves it. Hes a pretty easy kid, but he knows what he wants. He is very mischievous, He has no fear at all and loves play fighting with everyone.

So thats us as it stands right now.